Heart Cupcake Bouquet How To

I did this for my son’s teacher’s birthday party but this would be a fun Valentine’s Day idea also!

Heart cupcake Bouquet 2

You will need 12 5 oz. cups. I laid them out in a heart shape so I could keep it straight how they go together.

cupcake heart bouquet 001

I started with the bottom three and stapled them all to each other.

cupcake heart bouquet 003

Make sure that you pinch together well so that the ends of the staple get squished down – really technical terms, huh?!?!?!

cupcake heart bouquet 006

Here you can see how each cup is stapled at every point that they touch. You will need to stagger the edges of the cup. The center is usually the highest point so you can work down or up from that point.

cupcake heart bouquet 007

Here you can see how the center stands taller than the edges.

I added a plastic wrap strip that goes underneath the cupcake so that you can pull on the “tab” to help lift the cupcake without getting you fingers full of frosting!

Then I added the cupcakes and frosted them with a large swirl, added a fondant flower and, using double stick tape on the cups, attached one sheet of tissue paper around.

Heart Cupcake Bouquet

Simple and quick, but pretty and fun!

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