Birthday Crib for Doll and a Surfing Penguin!

My one and only niece (at least right now!) celebrated her first birthday. I have boys so this is my first opportunity to make girly things as gifts!

Using the plan from I made the doll crib. It was the first time I used the new pocket hole jig I got for Christmas – yeah! I used recycled materials – namely the shelving that came out of our bathroom closet before the remodel and some inexpensive furring strips for the crib sides.

I did not make the drawer for underneath – I ran out of time! (I was busy sanding, painting and sewing a couple days before the birthday party.) So, I sewed a skirt to cover underneath the bed instead of the drawer. I think my sister has a basket that will fit underneath and she can use that to store some doll clothes.

The skirt, sheet and ruffle are all attached as one. I’m hoping my niece won’t be able to pull it all out quite as quickly that way. I also made it as a pocket cover for the 1″ foam so that it can be taken off and washed when it needs it. I made the pillow to look like a regular “bed” pillow but it is oneĀ  piece and the case cannot be removed.

A lot of time was spent in making the crib but cost was very minimal because everything I used were things I had in the house – except the .99 cent furring strips. It was a lot of fun making and hopefully she will have many years of playing with it! It is very sturdy and it won’t hurt a bit if she decides to try it out for herself!

The theme for her party was a beach party – which is a nice break from the snow and cold we have here right now! My sister found a picture of a penguin sticker that she wanted used on the cake so I did a frozen buttercream transfer of the penguin. I made a small half beach ball cake for her smash cake.















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