Stairwell Storage Shelves

I am still rearranging my shelving situation in my kitchen after taking down some upper cabinets and making a narrow pallet pantry.  I have decided to use the stairwell right off the kitchen that goes down to our unfinished basement. This is behind my chalkboard door.

I painted the dark paneled walls and ceiling in white making it much brighter. I did not get a good before picture so please bear with the one picture I found that shows a little bit of the stairwell!


As you can see – it was very dark!

Originally we added a single shelf 9” wide so that we could move the gun cabinet out of our bedroom closet (my husband is an avid hunter!) and set it just inside the door to the left. Then I decided that there would be a lot of storage if I added 1×6 shelves surrounding the gun cabinet. Then I painted it all white.

nov. 14 032

I didn’t really have a plan as far as distance between shelves. I used a couple of different sized cans to determine maximum and minimum distances.

And here is what it holds now!

nov. 14 047

This is the top 3 shelves. The shelf above the cabinet only has one bracket and it rests on top of the cabinet otherwise, every shelf has 2 brackets holding it.

nov. 14 048

Bottom shelves. The black garbage bag is holding my 24” wide jumbo roll of plastic wrap that I use to wrap large cakes. I can even store my 6 quart crockpot on the lower shelf.

nov. 14 049

Here is the view looking up the stairs.

nov. 14 053

I even have room on the bottom shelf for more! The other shelves have breathing room and I can see at a glance what I have and what I am low on! If I really get organized, I hope to label the shelves somehow so everything will have it’s place.

This is going to be really handy and it makes me happy every time I open the door!

nov. 14 047

You may be wondering what I am storing in my mini pallet pantry – I’ll have more on that later!

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Black and White Switched Shelf

So – I took the shelf down, spray painted it and put it back up. The shelf is made from pallet wood, so the boards are quite rough. The texture held the black paint adding additional shadows which I like! It still needed something though. It looked too aloof and didn’t tie into the microwave shelf so I decided to paint a black stencil border along the front.

upper shelf 003

Then I decided I needed to add the same border in the white to the microwave shelf.

upper shelf 004

Here it is all put together.

upper shelf 005

And the before and after…

White Shelf with stencil

I do think the shelves play nicer with the black and white stove now!

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Faux Stove Hood Look, Sort of

In an attempt to make the oven/stovetop/microwave look more substantial as one piece, I added a shelf above them and painted it black. My first thought was that it would look somewhat like a stove hood, but it really doesn’t work because of the upper cabinets so it is more of a “faux” stove hood look. That is a little stretch, but I’m sticking with the theory behind it!

August 26 040

It has sort of a heavy look so I’m not sure if I like it or not. The other option would be to paint it white to match the stove. Here is a touched up photo – what do you think?

White Soffit Shelf

And a side-by-side

Side by Side

Looking at this makes me think that I should change it to white. Maybe I could spray the white over it and sand down to some of the black, giving it a little bit of an aged, multi-tone look?!

Okay, so I’m off to stand on a chair and take it down and paint!

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