Completion of the Closet Curtain and Cornice

Wow – say that five times fast!

Well – I finally finished my master bedroom closet curtain. I had a few bumps along the way – like a fractured elbow!!! At least they think it was fractured – I’ll find out today for sure. Then the rehabilitation will start. You really don’t realize how much you do with your right hand until that arm is injured!

Anyway – I wanted to show you how I made a cornice type hanging box for the curtain itself. This is what it looks like hanging.

burlap 005

To allow for the rod to be taken down and put back again I made these blocks for each end of the wood box cornice.

First I drilled a center hole using a drill bit slightly larger than my rod.010 (3)

Then I used the band saw to cut out a slot up to the hole.011 (3)

This was then glued and tacked into the sides of the box.001

I made sure to place it so that I can slide the rod – a piece of $2 conduit – along the front of the box and over the top into the slot.

The box was then hung using L-brackets.

burlap 001

And this is my curtain!

closet curtain 004

Pulled back while using the closet. It slides really easily with the metal curtain hooks on the conduit pipe. And it is all hidden from view!

closet curtain 011

A close-up of the cornice. I painted the board the same color as the wall to help it blend. I wanted the curtain to stand out, not the box! I had to use flash this morning – very cloudy and rainy – blah, so the colors aren’t translating quite realistically. It all blends really nice and is much more easy on the eyes, rather than looking at all the clothes, etc. in the closet!

closet curtain 006

This was very cost efficient for me. I had all the scraps of wood – picked up from a lumberyard scrap pile for free! The 10’ conduit was $2 or less. The curtain hooks were around $2 a package – I used 2. I got most of the material from the .99 a yard bin and used about 6 yards for the curtains. So, for around $10 I have new closet curtains.

Yay – something to check off of my list of things to do!

I am hoping to use the same material, style for the 3 balloon shades – which is my next project in this room!

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Nature Green Quilt For a Boy

Because March is the month associated with green – I thought I would share with you the quilt I made for my oldest son.

His room is based on the outdoors because, he is totally an outdoor kid. It can be the dead of winter with a windchill of 20 below and he still goes outside!

I have grass painted along the bottom trim, a “tree top” curtain with a real branch bracket. Lately I have added a camouflage closet curtain and burlap shades. I hope to paint his corkboard a camouflage also.

I used all leftover fabric – except for the backing – for this quilt. I designed it myself also. It is machine quilted over the brown strips and tied in between. I like how the inside square echoes out. It almost looks like someone threw a rock in water and the water is  rippling out away from it.


This picture shows the smaller leaf blocks in the corners. The outside is randomly sized strips sewn together, again – just using up excess fabric.


He is my messy child so it is hard to get a picture of his room when it is clean, but we’ll see what happens! Hopefully I’ll be able to post pictures of the rest of his room sometime.

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Backpacks for Haiti

My mom was asked to come up with a backpack design that people going on mission trips to Haiti could take along and give to the kids. There were a few different specifications. An inside pocket for markers and glue and the bag need to have room for them to put their shoes in on the way home. They are only required to wear shoes in school so they carry them home.

This is what she came up with.


So, we have been working on them a couple different days. We – as in my mom and aunt, a few friends from church, my sister and sister-in-law and myself for the most part. A few others popped in and did little odds and ends. It turned out to be a rather large project! Lots of time but not much cost involved.

(sorry for the blurry pictures!)


The blocks are all 6.5 inches – I think we needed 900 blocks to do 80 bags. That’s a lot of blocks! The thing is, we still have tons of old blue jeans so I’m thinking that quilts are maybe the next project!

We are hoping to finish 80 backpacks with in the next week of so. The last time we got together we put together the linings which consisted of a pocket with a zipper and a boxed bottom. Today we sewed the 4 patches on the front and back together, added Velcro and the pocket, put on straps, added the gusset and sewed the lining in. I think we had close to 35 totally completed with parts for all 80 done. One more day of working should get us finished! The squares and pockets were all from discarded jeans so it is a really inexpensive project. I’m excited for them to make it over there and hopefully we’ll get to see pictures of the kids with their new backpacks!

It is a lot of fun getting together with a bunch of ladies and it is great that we can do something to benefit someone else!

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