Crate-style Picture Frame

Awhile back, my family decided to take advantage of a deal that a local photo studio had on old fashioned pictures. The kids were all dressed in vintage clothing and hats. They used a somewhat blurry background of the interior of an old house with a staircase and some really cool props. Things like crates and old suitcases. Right up my alley! I would’ve liked to take some of them home!

Anyway, when I got the pictures back, I wanted to find a unique way to display them. They didn’t really fit with my photo display in my dining room because of the more sepia tones of the photos. When I found an old prune crate at GW I bought it, not necessarily for this project but just because I like old crates and they are very versatile!

june 20 020

At first I thought I would just prop the pictures inside and hang it on the wall, but it just wasn’t right. There was too much dead space above the pictures and you couldn’t see them real well. So I took some twine – my friend! – and used thumb tacks to tack it along the back. I made two separate “lines” to hang the pictures from.

june 20 019

Then I used small binder clips to attach the pictures. I then removed the wires from the front of the binders so they wouldn’t get in the way of the photos.  Here you can see the binder wrapped around the twine with the front wire removed.

june 20 021

And this is what the final product turned out to be!

Old pictures

Right now, it is above my armoire against the “tree” wall! I like how the rustic “frame” goes well with the “old” style photos.

old photo 2

So – another fun use for old crates!

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Couple Nails, 11 Photos, 1 Family Sign

admit it … I’m scared of putting holes in my walls!

But, I like the look of the photo collages with various size photos so I came up with a way to hang 11 (or more) photos with only 2 holes in my wall. The whole display is about 3 1/2’ square.

010 2”Show

The brackets holding a regular plastic curtain rod are wooden. I cut out the curve and drilled a hole for the rod to fit through. There is a key-hole slot on the back of each bracket to hang it flush against the wall. They were spray painted with the same metallic color along with all the frames.

slipcover family sign 018

The bands holding the pictures are actually a webbing material that was originally brown and spray painted with the same metallic paint. I sewed a “sleeve” in each band to slide the curtain rod through.

slipcover family sign 017

The picture frames are held by none other than paper clips bent to form a hook and pushed through the webbing. You can see the square hook that sticks out to “catch” the frame and the other strap shows that it is pushed from front to back and then back to the front and straightened out.

slipcover family sign 016

Before we had the wall between the living and dining room taken out, I had this hung there with a vinyl “Family” word above the rod. When I moved the collage, I decided to add a pop of color and a more vintage-feeling sign above the photos.


I really like how the turquoise color looks with the “antiqued” edges. I used an old board we had out in the shed – making sure I picked one with some rustic details. After I painted the board, I printed out and pencil transferred the words. I traced around with a brown thin Sharpie and filled in with a fine brush and burnt umber craft paint.

I wanted to tie in the photos with the new color, so I changed out a few mats around the photos with a thin stiff cardboard painted with the same turquoise paint as the sign. I’m really enjoying this fresh pop of color in my main living area.

slipcover family sign 020 2

I just noticed with this picture, that the center straps are actually switched around with each other because the slants are backward according to the outside ones! Guess I’ll be switching that!

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