Craft Room Organization Part 3

Well, I have made a little more progress on the sewing/craft room. This is a medium-sized laminate cupboard. This summer I hope to paint it white.

Here is the disorganized/messy BEFORE!023

I thought I would break it down, shelf-by-shelf before I show the final “after”! I know you are dying to see it, but, patience, my dears!!!! Anyway, this took me some time – so I can’t make it as easy as here’s the before and here’s the after, can I ?!?!?!?!?

Here is the messy bag storage BEFORE! This is the 3rd shelf down. 023

In the first “before” pictures you can see the bottom of the tan/white print shelf-deal sitting on top of the cupboard. Here is a close-up (sorry really grainy) picture of the whole deal.


It is made completely out of cardboard. I have had it for years, and I’m not sure why I spent good money on it, but let’s chalk that up to immaturity! I shouldn’t really complain, it has lasted the last 10 years also! I ended up using the drawers for storage in the cupboard on the opposite side of the room.  See my Craft Room Organization part 1.  Well, I used the shelf part of the cardboard storage deal to organize my gift bags and tissue paper.

Sunday April 10 027

I laid the cardboard “shelving” on it side and I sorted the bags by size. I also added an insert so I could stack 2 rows of tissue paper, sorted by color (as seen in the left hand cubby). I even had a couple HUGE bags that I stored on top of it.

I feel I must explain why I have so many gift bags and so much tissue paper! My mother-in-law works for a card company so when they switch out things seasonally, she gets to take a bunch of stuff home! I don’t think I will ever have to buy wrapping paper, cards, gift bags or tissue paper again – not a bad thing!

Now that it is more organized, I’ll even be able to find the right size when I need one without them falling all over the place!

On to the next shelf…

This is the BEFORE of the top shelf – wow – terrible picture, big mess!!!023

Let’s see – what do we have here??? Looks like paper ribbons (another gift from my mother-in-law) some shelf liner, a Menards bag with what looks like free school supplies. We usually participate in the Samaritan’s purse shoe boxes, so I pick up any school supplies when they are cheapest or free with a  rebate! I’m really not sure what is in the red/black bag. I used to use that for yarn storage – waaaayyyyy before I accumulated what I have now! To see how I am storing yarn see my Craft Room Organization Part II. I even see a large rubber mallet (used for cake decorating!!!!) I think I had an old light fixture and it looks like some plastic cups assembled for a cupcake bouquet! Definitely a mixed bag of what-not!

Anyway – here is what I have stored in there now…

Sunday April 10 025


Sunday April 10 030

The drawers are where I am accumulating certain sized strips. Whenever I have just a small amount of material left, I cut it down to whatever size fits and throw it in the drawers. Someday, I should be able to make a nice scrappy quilt! Or I can just craft with it!!!

I am storing the ribbon in a refrigerator cheese container deal. It is easy to pull out and throw back in the cupboard! I found that this works better than having a static curtain rod (like before) where you have to know how much you need and cut it off before getting to your project or you have to slide half of them off to get to the one you want and – for me, that just made it way too easy to leave it sit out until I was finished with the ribbon. And of course, you know, I never get interrupted while working on things!!!! I am using an old vase to toss my duct and double-sided carpet tape on.

On to the 2nd shelf… (please don’t ask me why I started on the 3rd shelf?!?!?! I’m not changing it now though!) BEFORE…


The bag on the left had lots of shelf liner. Gift bags work good for storing things besides gifts!!! Shelf liner is right up there with duct tape in it’s usefulness, so I keep lots of it on hand! It works great when you are transporting cakes! You can see my attempt at corralling the contact paper and cake foil. I had 2 shelf brackets stuck to the cupboard with that sticky yellow wall stuff (sorry, don’t know the official name for it) This worked okay – kept the rolls from rolling off the shelf, but it was difficult to find which color you wanted. So I came up with a different solution…

Sunday April 10 026

It isn’t real pretty, but it was free and it works! I made a cardboard “riser” with a front edge to hold the contact paper on top, and the shelf liner below. I added one of the chalkboard labels that I made for other organization projects including my cupcake liner box. You don’t see any cake foil, because that found a home in a dresser that is in my craft room. I’ll show you that in an upcoming post!

The other side of the shelf has an old paper box – I could cover it to make it look neater but, right now I’m going for organization not prettiness. It is also behind closed doors, so it isn’t seen normally! This box contains all the extra school supplies and small gifts that I pick up throughout the year. This makes it easy to participate in the Samaritan’s purse shoe box program and also makes birthday party gifts quick and easy!

The  final and bottom shelf…023

Well, let’s take a look at what we have here!!! Diapers (haven’t needed them for 4 years), nursing pads (not used in the last 5 years!), I’m not even sure what is in the plastic bags. I’m pretty sure most of this was donated or given to my sisters who have babies!!!

This is what it looks like now…Sunday April 10 029

The small box on the left contains different wires (used for caking and also crafting!) I have all my knit material stored in the clear zippered plastic case that came from a blanket we bought. I do leave it unzipped partially, just to let the material breathe. And, my paper cutter is no longer setting on top of the cupboard, but has found a new home, hidden inside the cupboard! And do you see that prime piece of real estate in the right hand corner. Empty space! Wow – I’m sure I’ll be able to find something a home there, but for now, I’ll give the cupboard a break and leave it empty!

So – this is what you have been tirelessly waiting for – the final result!!!!!!

( I had to show the BEFORE, just once more so you can truly see the difference!)


and – the AFTER!

Sunday April 10 031

Okay – so, that was being a little overly dramatic!!! It is definitely an improvement and I look forward to finding things now – because my chances of getting what I came to get out of here is much better!

I would love to paint this cupboard white inside and out and add crown molding and some trim. I’ll have to add this to my list of things to do!

(Can you tell, I have been working on my camera skills – the after pictures are much better than the before?!?!?!?)

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Master Bedroom Closet – Redone!

Well – after 2 years of saying I want to redo the closet – it’s done! At least, mostly done. I have decided that nothing is really ever done done.

Just a note – I do not move our seasonal clothes out of the closet. We have pared our clothes down so that every hanging thing we own can fit in our closet.


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As you can see, I have a few organizational items in place. I covered the front of the plastic 3-drawer organizer so I could store my unmentionables in there. I made some makeshift shelf dividers for the top shelf. There were actually 6 dividers total, but I took some out because I knew I was going to update, so it is a little messier than usual. It was always hard for me (at 5’5”) to keep the piles on the top shelf neat – thus the step stool!

Here – you can see that they had a short drawer/shelf deal that fit underneath the shelf/bracket and the carpet was installed around it – thus the missing square of carpet…


So – I took out the shelf and tore out the cleats holding it and this is what was left.



But – let’s not dwell on how it was…



Looking so much better after primer and 2 coats of an Oops white(ish) paint.


I pulled back the carpet and put down some sticky vinyl tile. I don’t plan on having the lovely blue carpet forever, so this way – we can switch out the flooring in the bedroom without messing with the closet!

And finally! – the towers that I made (mostly by myself!) added. I used Ana White’s closet tower plan but mine are only 16″ wide instead of 27″. My husband helped haul them up from the basement where I built and painted them. They are quite heavy duty!

closet 002

He also helped me secure them to the wall and add all the hanging rods – which are just schedule 40 PVC pipe.

Then I cut and tacked in some trim along the bottom and up the corners to hide the gaps between the paneling.

In all, we spent less than $100 to redo this closet. I still have some MDF left also to use for another project!

This is what it looks like with our clothes in. I am going to add a shelf above the middle hanging area to store my purses and that will leave the top right cubby for something else. I am also going to add a shelf to the right had side, so I can have a couple more baskets to store hats in – one for me and one for my husband.

closet 004

When I can spray paint outside – I will take my shoe cubby and baskets and paint them white also, but for now – this is a huge improvement over what it was!

BEFORE:                                                                    AFTER:


closet 002




closet 006

It really isn’t fancy but for the small space, I feel like I am able to store much more and it is more accessible for me!

UPDATE: I added a couple more shelves and there’s a sneak peak of what I’ll be working on next in this room here.

Now that I finally have this project accomplished – I can finally work on painting the room, adding a curtain for the closet and sewing a bed skirt and bedspread.

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Making Progress on the “LIST”!

I’m pretty excited. Over the last few weeks I have been making progress on our master bedroom closet redo.

All of the closets in my house are dark (cheap) paneling. I painted my sewing/craft room closet several years ago and was amazed at the difference white paint made in such a small space. I have reach-in closets, so it can get really dark in the corners!

Lovely paneling isn’t it?!??!?


I made some towers out of MDF to go in the closet to replace the one bar and shelf that was there. This is took me a couple weeks to get finished.

This is after they were primed.


When I got those painted, I took everything out of the closet and tore out the shelf, brackets and a few hooks. Primed and painted twice. Today I ripped out the carpet (just in the closet) and put in some peel and stick vinyl. I have lovely dark blue carpet that will someday be replaced. I thought it best to rest the towers on the even floor for the time being.

Now, I’m just waiting for my husband to come home and help me haul the “beasts” up the stairs from the basement. Hopefully by tonight, we’ll have a new, more organized bright closet!

I can’t wait!