My 3rd Hand Mirror; Mounted

I have long hair and have been seeing some really neat updos and hairstyles online that I would love to try. The problem lies in the fact that you usually need 2 hands to work with the hair and a 3rd hand to hold the mirror so you can see what you are doing on the back side of your head!

2012-02-21 February 21

My solution was to use my towel ladder to balance a standing mirror with a swiveling head on one of the upper rungs.

Wouldn’t you know – this is the only picture I have of the old mirror – you know the type I am talking about though. It was large enough to sit on one rung and lean against the one above it plus the side of the ladder.


This worked fine for awhile, but with 2 rambunctious boys in the house, it was doomed for failure – yes, I forgot to set back on the ladder one time and “someone” (who goes by the name of “Not me” at my house) bumped the ladder and it fell to the floor. Fortunately it didn’t shatter, just cracked and broke one of the sides away from the frame that allowed it to swivel.

I used it for awhile that way but it was really difficult to position. I even tried using a twistie tie to hold it in place, but it was a royal pain to work with.

I looked into getting the scissor fold mirrors that you can attach to the wall but the ones I could find around here cost $30 and I wasn’t sure it was really worth it. I picked up a $5 hand mirror and tried to do the braids blind but that wasn’t working very well either!

So, when my sisters and I went to IKEA last weekend (a 5 hour drive for us), I saw a scissor mirror for $4.99 and I grabbed it.

Instead of installing it on the wall I attached it to the side of my towel ladder. I should really attach the ladder to the wall to insure it’s safety, but the ladder has never been bumped over in the last year, so I think we’ll be alright!

2012-02-21 February 211

Of course, I had to do a trial run to see how it would work, so I did a more complicated updo and the mirror worked great! I could see where to put the hair and bobby pins no matter what side of the head I was working with.

2012-02-21 February 212

I’m excited to do a few more braids and more complex updos that require 2 hands and a 3rd-hand-mirror. (I never realized how difficult it is to take a picture of the back of your head in the mirror – you should try it sometime!)

On a side note – I thought it was so funny how the instructions for hanging the mirror were all pictures – one of which included a burning curtain which was caused by the sun shining on the mirror pointing at the curtain! I guess I never thought about that happening!TQ Jo signature

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Dry Brushed Frame and Upcycled Pitcher

I’m playing catch-up on a few projects since Mother’s Day and the graduation cake rush of the last month or so!

I removed the cupboard doors from the cabinets above the refrigerator in the kitchen. A couple reasons included not being able to reach them for storage and also to break up the expanse of wood!

I have been too chicken to paint the inside yet, but I did put a piece of cardboard covered with a  light contact paper in the back to lighten the area. I dry brushed the same teal paint that I have been accenting the kitchen with over a $1 mirror I picked up at GW a year or so ago to add some light. I also added a ceramic picture that used to be a pale shade of lavender but is now a shade of cream.

june 20 023

The pitcher was painted with Krylon Pebble spray paint and goes really well with the beans and rice I put in the glass canisters. The glass canisters also have that reflective quality so it helps lighten things also!

Sorry for the bad picture quality…

june 30 005

Overall – this gives the kitchen a little more interest and color and I haven’t missed the closed storage yet!

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Entry Way Organization


This is my front door . This is the door that our company comes through and the boys come and go through for school. I had nothing here for the first few years we lived here. The kids were not in school yet then either!

entry and chalk blocks - march 004

The problem that prompted adding the shelf was the fact that my oldest would come in the door from school and dump his bag and coat right inside the door. Or, worse yet, somewhere else in the house where, later, he couldn’t remember where he left it!

So, I found an old shelf that I had gotten from my mom years ago. Originally, about 9 years ago, when we lived in a different house, it was painted a dark hunter green. I’m not sure what I was thinking there, but I guess it matched the nursery at the time!

I painted it the same color as my living room walls which is about 3 shades darker than the wall it is hung on. I also painted the frame of an old window that I had swapped the panes of glass with mirrors.


I added some baskets and put together a couple boards to hold the books from the library.


I also added some hooks underneath to hold their bags and coats.


When we first moved here this half wall was a full wall, leaving the people coming in the front door in a dark hallway. I really like the opening and it allows the mirrors to reflect light from the windows.


This is what it looks like without all the coats and bags – but that isn’t my reality at this time!

entry and chalk blocks - march 007

I also made the chalkboard listing the things to remember on the way out the door to school! Looking at the picture, I may have to paint that a more neutral color also.

entry and chalk blocks - march 008

I’m not sure if the hooks are really sturdy enough to hold all these books! The blue bag is full of piano books, the dark denim bag is my oldest’s  Cadet (boys group) bag. My youngest doesn’t have school, so his bag and coats are there today. When the oldest comes home, his backpack and coat will be added! Nothing has ripped out yet!

entry and chalk blocks - march 006

So, it has narrowed our hallway somewhat but it has really helped in the organization and we haven’t lost our bags in awhile!

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