Funky Junk Copy Me Post

I had a lot of fun this morning putting together a bunch of things that I thought replicated Funky Junk Donna’s style for the Copy Me challenge. Some of these things are used in different places in my house and some are “new” stuff I found around our farm. It definitely wasn’t fun digging in below zero temperatures though! Maybe that is why I’m so late with this post! I procrastinated until the last day. Anyway, here are a few things that reminded me of Funky Junk Donna.

Flannel – some old tools, barnwood frame, greenery and a metal basket!

A twig wreath…

Curtain on an old hanger…


Some old glass insulators turned upside down and placed in canning jar lids for stability – holding utensils.

A star with some old jars and clothespins…

A hand-painted sign – and a little birdie!

An old crock with a number also…

I found the glassĀ  jars in the loft of an old shed on our farm – they even had rusty lids to go with them. I really like the pattern on the square shaped bottle.

An old wire basket…I just had to add the flannel touch!

An old 6′ ruler that belonged to my husband’s grandpa.

The boards over the ladder – the “desktop” are pallet boards, complete with the bark and all!


The crate is one I made out of pallet boards. The ivy plant is real – but it should have about 3 other plants with it so it would look fuller!


Here it is as a whole. I think I am more happy with the parts than with the whole, but all in all – not too bad

I tried out the curtain hanger on my shutters in my bathroom also and I really liked it. I may have to make that a permanent thing.

This is one of the pulleys I used in the crate – I was just messing with my camera and thought this picture was interesting.

Here is the curtain with ladder as used in my bathroom for hanging towels. The light effect from the window made for a cool glow.

Anyway – that is my “copy” of Donna’s style. I could never do her style real justice, but I had a lot of fun putting together a few things I had around. Maybe I’ll use some of the treasures I found in a new way around my house. Thanks for the inspiration Donna!

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