Family Rules Subway Art

So, are you sick of seeing subway art yet?!?!?

I tried out this family rules subway art that I found online (sorry! I didn’t keep track of where I saw it) on my chalkboard door first. I really liked it and my 2 boys, ages 9 and 6 could definitely use some of the advice!

So I decided to make it a little more permanent and I made a painted version.

I started out with a 14″x24″ piece of luan. Then I added a 3/4″ border under the outside edge. I was trying to make it look “heavier” without actually adding more weight.

Then I primed and painted the boards white.

Then I printed out the sign in the size I needed. This required printing multiple sheets and taping them together. I used the pencil transfer method – take a pencil and scribble (for lack of a better term!) over the back of the words. Then trace over the front side – after taping in place over your board. This was a very tedious job and took a couple hours! I think if I did this project again, I would cover the board with contact paper or painters tape, tape the printed sign over top and use an exacto knife to create a stencil. Still tedious but at least the next step would go quickly!

I then took a permanent marker and traced over the lines I drew with the transfer and filled in around the letters with black acrylic paint. This also took me a couple hours – thus my suggestion to make a stencil instead!

I should’ve taken a picture of it after I finished that stage. You could’ve given your opinion on whether that was better than what I ended up with. But, I decided to go ahead and mess with distressing it. I really like the rustic look and am trying to go more toward that look. Soooooo, I took a piece of sandpaper and went to work on the edges. Maybe I should’ve used a finer grit because it really scratched it up. It may have been more aggressive with the acrylic paint vs. regular (and thicker) latex paint too. Anyway, it definitely looks quite old and beat up. Especially after I added the layer of stain over top. I have some streaking that I am not real happy with – shinier some places and not others, but I think I will put a layer of clear coat over to protect it. That is if I decided I like the beat up look or if I decide to try to mess with redoing some of the black. I have perfectionist tendencies so I’m struggling with what to do! What part of me says – leave it, that is the beauty of old and rustic looking and the other part just wants to pick at it a little bit more! Anyone else have that problem?!??!!?

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