Completion of the Closet Curtain and Cornice

Wow – say that five times fast!

Well – I finally finished my master bedroom closet curtain. I had a few bumps along the way – like a fractured elbow!!! At least they think it was fractured – I’ll find out today for sure. Then the rehabilitation will start. You really don’t realize how much you do with your right hand until that arm is injured!

Anyway – I wanted to show you how I made a cornice type hanging box for the curtain itself. This is what it looks like hanging.

burlap 005

To allow for the rod to be taken down and put back again I made these blocks for each end of the wood box cornice.

First I drilled a center hole using a drill bit slightly larger than my rod.010 (3)

Then I used the band saw to cut out a slot up to the hole.011 (3)

This was then glued and tacked into the sides of the box.001

I made sure to place it so that I can slide the rod – a piece of $2 conduit – along the front of the box and over the top into the slot.

The box was then hung using L-brackets.

burlap 001

And this is my curtain!

closet curtain 004

Pulled back while using the closet. It slides really easily with the metal curtain hooks on the conduit pipe. And it is all hidden from view!

closet curtain 011

A close-up of the cornice. I painted the board the same color as the wall to help it blend. I wanted the curtain to stand out, not the box! I had to use flash this morning – very cloudy and rainy – blah, so the colors aren’t translating quite realistically. It all blends really nice and is much more easy on the eyes, rather than looking at all the clothes, etc. in the closet!

closet curtain 006

This was very cost efficient for me. I had all the scraps of wood – picked up from a lumberyard scrap pile for free! The 10’ conduit was $2 or less. The curtain hooks were around $2 a package – I used 2. I got most of the material from the .99 a yard bin and used about 6 yards for the curtains. So, for around $10 I have new closet curtains.

Yay – something to check off of my list of things to do!

I am hoping to use the same material, style for the 3 balloon shades – which is my next project in this room!

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Closet Finished and a Sneak Peek!

If you didn’t get a chance to look at how I redid my master bedroom closet from a dark-and-paneled-little-storage area to a bright-storage-filled spot, you can click here.

Well, I got around to adding the shelf above the center hanging rod – where I’m storing my purses – and …


above the shoe cubby, where we are storing his and her hats. The baskets holding the scarves and belts are resting on the shoe cubby. This summer – or at least when it gets above 60 degrees! – I hope to spray paint both the baskets and the shoe cubbies white to keep with the clean new look.


So – here is the final finished picture of the inside of the closet!


Did you notice the sneak peak???


Did you see it stacked in the top cubby?

This is the material that I can been accumulating over the last year or 2. I’ve got big plans for a bed skirt, a quilt/comforter, shades of some sort for the windows, and a bunch of pillows for the bed.


Newly painted walls and a curtain for the closet are in the works.

I can’t wait to see what the whole bedroom looks like all redone!

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Master Bedroom Closet – Redone!

Well – after 2 years of saying I want to redo the closet – it’s done! At least, mostly done. I have decided that nothing is really ever done done.

Just a note – I do not move our seasonal clothes out of the closet. We have pared our clothes down so that every hanging thing we own can fit in our closet.


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As you can see, I have a few organizational items in place. I covered the front of the plastic 3-drawer organizer so I could store my unmentionables in there. I made some makeshift shelf dividers for the top shelf. There were actually 6 dividers total, but I took some out because I knew I was going to update, so it is a little messier than usual. It was always hard for me (at 5’5”) to keep the piles on the top shelf neat – thus the step stool!

Here – you can see that they had a short drawer/shelf deal that fit underneath the shelf/bracket and the carpet was installed around it – thus the missing square of carpet…


So – I took out the shelf and tore out the cleats holding it and this is what was left.



But – let’s not dwell on how it was…



Looking so much better after primer and 2 coats of an Oops white(ish) paint.


I pulled back the carpet and put down some sticky vinyl tile. I don’t plan on having the lovely blue carpet forever, so this way – we can switch out the flooring in the bedroom without messing with the closet!

And finally! – the towers that I made (mostly by myself!) added. I used Ana White’s closet tower plan but mine are only 16″ wide instead of 27″. My husband helped haul them up from the basement where I built and painted them. They are quite heavy duty!

closet 002

He also helped me secure them to the wall and add all the hanging rods – which are just schedule 40 PVC pipe.

Then I cut and tacked in some trim along the bottom and up the corners to hide the gaps between the paneling.

In all, we spent less than $100 to redo this closet. I still have some MDF left also to use for another project!

This is what it looks like with our clothes in. I am going to add a shelf above the middle hanging area to store my purses and that will leave the top right cubby for something else. I am also going to add a shelf to the right had side, so I can have a couple more baskets to store hats in – one for me and one for my husband.

closet 004

When I can spray paint outside – I will take my shoe cubby and baskets and paint them white also, but for now – this is a huge improvement over what it was!

BEFORE:                                                                    AFTER:


closet 002




closet 006

It really isn’t fancy but for the small space, I feel like I am able to store much more and it is more accessible for me!

UPDATE: I added a couple more shelves and there’s a sneak peak of what I’ll be working on next in this room here.

Now that I finally have this project accomplished – I can finally work on painting the room, adding a curtain for the closet and sewing a bed skirt and bedspread.

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