Backpacks for Haiti

My mom was asked to come up with a backpack design that people going on mission trips to Haiti could take along and give to the kids. There were a few different specifications. An inside pocket for markers and glue and the bag need to have room for them to put their shoes in on the way home. They are only required to wear shoes in school so they carry them home.

This is what she came up with.


So, we have been working on them a couple different days. We – as in my mom and aunt, a few friends from church, my sister and sister-in-law and myself for the most part. A few others popped in and did little odds and ends. It turned out to be a rather large project! Lots of time but not much cost involved.

(sorry for the blurry pictures!)


The blocks are all 6.5 inches – I think we needed 900 blocks to do 80 bags. That’s a lot of blocks! The thing is, we still have tons of old blue jeans so I’m thinking that quilts are maybe the next project!

We are hoping to finish 80 backpacks with in the next week of so. The last time we got together we put together the linings which consisted of a pocket with a zipper and a boxed bottom. Today we sewed the 4 patches on the front and back together, added Velcro and the pocket, put on straps, added the gusset and sewed the lining in. I think we had close to 35 totally completed with parts for all 80 done. One more day of working should get us finished! The squares and pockets were all from discarded jeans so it is a really inexpensive project. I’m excited for them to make it over there and hopefully we’ll get to see pictures of the kids with their new backpacks!

It is a lot of fun getting together with a bunch of ladies and it is great that we can do something to benefit someone else!

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