A little Plank “Ceiling”

So, this is a fix I am using right now to hide the holes and tie this area into the kitchen even though the upper cupboards are now gone.

june 30 001

I used pallet wood (once again, I know – but it’s FREE) to make a planked ceiling effect where the cabinets used to be. My husband helped me hang this beast – boy was it ever heavy! I used the trim that had been around the upper cabinets and tacked it around the planks. By making the planks the same size as the cupboards, I didn’t have to cut the trim and if I decide I really miss the cupboards I could put them back up! So – I’m just sort of playing it safe.

june 30 002

I have not decided if I want to paint it the ceiling white, stain it or paint it a darker brown or just coat it with poly. I hope to work something up with pendant-type lights – on a budget of course!

July 19 002

Finally – the whole open concept is a reality!

See the Saga of the Disappearing Walls Part 1, Part II, Part III

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Saga of the Disappearing Walls…Part 3

So the last wall – or, more like partial wall – well, just the upper cabinets – have been taken down!

When I was working in the kitchen before, this is the view that I had of the dining room.

June 25 012

And this was the view from the dining room looking in the kitchen.

June 25 009

This is the counter space that I use most frequently when working in the kitchen. Remember how I said that, even after 7 years of working in this kitchen, I would bump my head on the upper cabinets when working on cakes, kneading bread, etc.

Well, I don’t have that problem any more!

This is what it looked like after we took the cabinets down.

June 27 002

Much more open, don’t you think?!

Now what to do about the lovely holes – both in the soffit and the side of the cabinet? My husband was ready to hire someone to tear the whole soffit out along with the peninsula and replace it with a large island. But I think we would’ve had to replace all the cabinets because my corner lower cabinets have an angle cupboard at the end which would create problems. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t have been wonderful, but definitely not necessary and the timing is right either!

I convinced him that I am happy with this opening up of the space for the time being!

Stay tuned for the “cover-ups”!

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Saga of the Disappearing Walls…Part 2

So the second wall that came down in my house is the wall separating the living room and dining rooms.

I’m so disappointed that I didn’t take pictures – again – pre-blogging…It was actually rather a surprise because I had been talking about it for years, but one day when the carpenters were working on the bathroom, my husband said we could just as well take it down! This also meant that I would be able to get rid of the ugly blue carpet in the living room – AWESOME! I had been living with it for 8 years so I was rather fed up with it! See the difference in flooring here.

So – I dug deep and came up with a few really old pictures – excuse the people in the photos – remember – this was pre-blogging so I didn’t necessarily take pictures of just the house!


This is at a birthday party – so forgive the mess that is my dining room. Here you are looking into the dining room from the entry way.

Sorry for anyone not into the coyote hide! My husband is a hunter and an old friend of his gave him the gift of having the hide tanned. Yeah for me! (sorry, I was being somewhat sarcastic) I was using my ladder as a quilt rack/display at the time so it was easy to just hang the coyote on the end (and show some support)!


This picture is a great display of my lovely vinyl kitchen floor and my attempt at a painted plywood tile floor. I like the painted tile better than the vinyl though! This is the other side of the wall from above. You are standing in the kitchen looking toward the entryway (but you can’t see it because of the wall!!!)

I was in the purple phase then. I had purple stripes on the one wall – all the way from the dining room to the garage door in the back entry past the kitchen. I had purple diamonds with the fruits of the spirit on my soffit above the cabinets and I had a purple “swirl” diamond painted tile backsplash.

as seen here…IMG_1515

and here…IMG_1516

Looking at the pictures – I am not sure what I was thinking! I’m definitely hoping that my style has evolved a little!

So – now to the more improved (at least I think so!) and opened up area!

july 7 015

The spot in the floor where it goes to the angle is where the doorway was before. The wall ran along the straight edge before.

july 7 014

From this corner of the kitchen before, I would’ve only seen the wall and  the picture hanging in the front entryway. You can also see part of my chalkboard door – which I love!

Isn’t it so much more open?!?!? I love that I get light from my large living room windows in the kitchen. I can also see if someone is at the front door from the kitchen now.

June 25 012

This bank of upper cabinets is part of the continuing saga…

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