Adding Orange to the Living Room

When we took out the carpet and had laminate installed, I  knew that we would need a rug for the center of the room. I looked around at different stores but couldn’t find anything I loved and especially at the price I wanted to pay!(oh the joys of being a cheapskate) I love to change things out and if I put a lot of money into something, then I feel like I am tied to it for a good long while. Maybe you could call it commit-o-phobia.

Anyway, what we ended up with was actually a very neutral 8×10 rug that came out of the outdoor rug section of a local hardware store. I think I paid $50 for it.

February 21 006

A side note – please ignore the big boxes behind the couch – they have been there for awhile – waiting on my finishing the bed for the master bedroom. Please don’t judge me on the brown tips on the leaves of my plant. It has been horribly dry this winter and I have not been doing well  watering it!

It has worked fine for the last couple years, but I have been keeping my eyes open for something with more color – doesn’t it look like it needs something besides brown?!?!? I love brown, but I definitely need to expand my horizons! My husband also complained that it wasn’t soft enough to lay on when playing with the kids, so another mark against it.

Well, my patience paid off – it finally happened. I found a rug that I loved with lots of colors that goes well with the other pieces in the room. And it didn’t break the bank either. I love the fact that it has a woodgrain feel because it compliments my silhouette trees on the wall.

February 24-2 001

Here is a close up of the colors in the rug itself.

February 21 008

I am looking forward to incorporating some orange/rust into the room. I ordered new material for curtains, pillows and bench seat cover. Hopefully it comes soon, because once summer hits, indoor activities come to a screeching halt around here! I have an idea for a new, unique coffee table that I hope to work on this spring yet also!

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My 3rd Hand Mirror; Mounted

I have long hair and have been seeing some really neat updos and hairstyles online that I would love to try. The problem lies in the fact that you usually need 2 hands to work with the hair and a 3rd hand to hold the mirror so you can see what you are doing on the back side of your head!

2012-02-21 February 21

My solution was to use my towel ladder to balance a standing mirror with a swiveling head on one of the upper rungs.

Wouldn’t you know – this is the only picture I have of the old mirror – you know the type I am talking about though. It was large enough to sit on one rung and lean against the one above it plus the side of the ladder.


This worked fine for awhile, but with 2 rambunctious boys in the house, it was doomed for failure – yes, I forgot to set back on the ladder one time and “someone” (who goes by the name of “Not me” at my house) bumped the ladder and it fell to the floor. Fortunately it didn’t shatter, just cracked and broke one of the sides away from the frame that allowed it to swivel.

I used it for awhile that way but it was really difficult to position. I even tried using a twistie tie to hold it in place, but it was a royal pain to work with.

I looked into getting the scissor fold mirrors that you can attach to the wall but the ones I could find around here cost $30 and I wasn’t sure it was really worth it. I picked up a $5 hand mirror and tried to do the braids blind but that wasn’t working very well either!

So, when my sisters and I went to IKEA last weekend (a 5 hour drive for us), I saw a scissor mirror for $4.99 and I grabbed it.

Instead of installing it on the wall I attached it to the side of my towel ladder. I should really attach the ladder to the wall to insure it’s safety, but the ladder has never been bumped over in the last year, so I think we’ll be alright!

2012-02-21 February 211

Of course, I had to do a trial run to see how it would work, so I did a more complicated updo and the mirror worked great! I could see where to put the hair and bobby pins no matter what side of the head I was working with.

2012-02-21 February 212

I’m excited to do a few more braids and more complex updos that require 2 hands and a 3rd-hand-mirror. (I never realized how difficult it is to take a picture of the back of your head in the mirror – you should try it sometime!)

On a side note – I thought it was so funny how the instructions for hanging the mirror were all pictures – one of which included a burning curtain which was caused by the sun shining on the mirror pointing at the curtain! I guess I never thought about that happening!TQ Jo signature

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Heart Cupcake Bouquet How To

I did this for my son’s teacher’s birthday party but this would be a fun Valentine’s Day idea also!

Heart cupcake Bouquet 2

You will need 12 5 oz. cups. I laid them out in a heart shape so I could keep it straight how they go together.

cupcake heart bouquet 001

I started with the bottom three and stapled them all to each other.

cupcake heart bouquet 003

Make sure that you pinch together well so that the ends of the staple get squished down – really technical terms, huh?!?!?!

cupcake heart bouquet 006

Here you can see how each cup is stapled at every point that they touch. You will need to stagger the edges of the cup. The center is usually the highest point so you can work down or up from that point.

cupcake heart bouquet 007

Here you can see how the center stands taller than the edges.

I added a plastic wrap strip that goes underneath the cupcake so that you can pull on the “tab” to help lift the cupcake without getting you fingers full of frosting!

Then I added the cupcakes and frosted them with a large swirl, added a fondant flower and, using double stick tape on the cups, attached one sheet of tissue paper around.

Heart Cupcake Bouquet

Simple and quick, but pretty and fun!

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