Cozy Coupe Cake

When I get a request for a cake that is based on an actual object, I usually try to go directly off of an image. In this case, I found a picture of a cozy coupe from the front and traced the outline and major details also. I just hold the blank paper on top of the printed picture and use a pencil to draw the lines. I then scanned this in and inserted the picture into a drawing program where I could expand the picture to the size I needed to use the most amount of the 9×13 cake I made. In this case I trimmed the sides of the top and added them to the top to make the correct height of the cozy coupe. I also did some skimming to give it more dimension – adding the skimmed off parts to the eyes and face of the coupe. After I had it to the point I was satisfied, I then crumb coated to seal in the moisture while I worked with the different colors.

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I piped on the main color – in this instance – red, and smoothed and made impressions for the bumper and mouth.

When I am working with buttercream I like to use waxed paper as a mask to keep the colors separate. So before I piped on the black, I cut out waxed paper and covered the well- crusted red so the black would not overlap where it shouldn’t.

january birthdays 012

After allowing the black to crust and smoothing them, I went on to the white. The background of the cab portion and the eyes were white. I did not use a waxed paper mask for these, but very carefully piped and smooth the colors trying to keep a relatively straight clean line between colors.

january birthdays 016

Then it was time to add the yellow cab portion. Again, I piped the yellow on with a large round tip which helped to keep a nice line between colors.

january birthdays 018

Waiting between each color takes a lot of time, so it probably took me an hour and half on and off working on just the base icing of this cake! If you are comfortable with fondant (and the people you serve like it!), that would be a much faster avenue of covering a cake like this.

Now – here comes the fun part – the details. This is where a cake comes to life!

cozy coupe

cozy coupe side black

Here is the little smash cake that went with it…

Steering Smash black

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Airplane Cake

Last weekend was busy with cakes and I took a few extra pictures to share how they were put together! This was for a little boy who was turning 2.

Airplane black background side

I started with a 9×13 chocolate cake.

I cut the cake in thirds the long way – giving me 3 3”x13” strips.


I then used the above image to form the airplane. I did some rounding of the body along the bottom and also along the front. I also shaved some off the top between the cabin and the tail fin. I also shortened the back wings so they were shorter than the front wings. All in all, it went pretty quickly. I then threw a quick crumb coat on the whole works to hold in all the –- you guessed it! — crumbs.

january birthdays 002

The sky if really the limit for how you want to decorate the shape. I didn’t have a lot of time so I stuck with the white with colored accents. But you could easily do different colored wings and belly or more embellishments like stars etc. I added a few “clouds” along the edges to give the impression of clouds.

The little boy was pretty excited about it, so that makes it a lot of fun!

Airplane black background

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Classroom Christmas party

I am the room mother for my son’s class this year so I was in charge of the Christmas class party. I had about an hour and a half to fill.

First we made snowflake ornaments out of cardboard tubes and pipe cleaners.

This is the one my son made.Jan. 6 002

The kids could pick how many edges/petals their snowflake had, what color pipe cleaners and what color glitter.

I took pictures of each kid with their projects. We put the glittered snowflakes in a ziploc bag so that is why they look a little funny!Snowflake collage

This project worked out really well. I let the kids punch their own holes in the cardboard if they were able, otherwise, the teacher and I went around and helped. I got the idea from here. We didn’t have time to paint the cardboard so we used stick glue and dipped the edges in colored glitter. If they missed spots, they just applied more glue and redipped. If you have lots of time, the kids could paint the inside and outside of each tube to dress it up a little.

We played a few games including an unscrambling game and a see-how-many-words-you-can-make from the unscrambled word’s letters. The kids also did a snowball drop race that included putting on large gloves and carrying a styrofoam  snowball on a plastic spoon across the room and dropping it in the bucket and returning the gloves for the next player to use.

Then, with the remaining time, the kids made Christmas trees out of waffle cones, frosting and candy.

Christmas Trees

They had a lot of fun making – and eating candy! while making the trees. We used rope licorice, mini M&Ms, Skittles and the colored mint chips with the white sprinkles on. Of course, I took extra so everyone could munch at the same time!

They also had cupcakes and puppy chow for their snack so they could take their trees home to show their parents. The cones fit perfect in the bottom of a large plastic solo cup. So they took off the marshmallow and grabbed the tip of the cone to put it in the cup, put the marshmallow back on and then put plastic wrap held with a rubber on the top. Hopefully everyone’s make it home safely!

It turned out to be pretty successful for my first (but certainly not last!) venture for a Christmas party as a room mom. Next party is for the teacher’s birthday in February!

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