Birdie, Birdie

I hope everyone had a fun holiday weekend!

I had a pleasant surprise this morning when I looked out my window. It happens every year, but it always gives me a thrill!

I grow morning glories over an archway every year and every year – in the morning, of course! – hummingbirds come to visit the flowers.

I wanted to share a few pictures – plus I did some experimenting with Picnik!

Labor Day 038-2

I used the zoom and soften features to try to highlight the hummingbird. He is green just like the leaves so it is hard to find him when you can’t see the motion of his wings!

Labor Day 039-2

I also used the vignette to create a soft border on each photo.

Labor Day 040-2

I took the pictures from my window because I didn’t want to scare him off. He was in motion the whole time so I was surprised at how clear the pictures were. If you have never played around with Picnik – it is really fun and gives your photos that extra little something.

I think the hummingbird is so pretty and he made my day – hopefully he will bring some joy into yours also!

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8 thoughts on “Birdie, Birdie

  1. The deers and that flamenco dress are super! I have recently moved, so am getting used to where/when my local jumbles and bric a brac sales are. Luckily there are a LOT of churches (and hence church halls) within walking distance. 🙂

  2. Condor: Not a single person in the press or elsewhere has ever managed to find anything substantially wrong in the factual information I have published about Islam. No, I do not think that Islam can be reformed or belong in our societies.Having an armed populace is one of the best guarantees for freedom. That would still be true if Islam didn't exist.

  3. le début est un peu compliqué mais après c’est du bonheur et plus le temps passe et moins ça sera une obsession tu t’etonneras même quand tu te léveras un matin et que tu te seras rendu compte que tu n’y as pas pensé en ouvrant les yeux !! Courage Bon dimanche les filles ^^

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