Faux Stove Hood Look, Sort of

In an attempt to make the oven/stovetop/microwave look more substantial as one piece, I added a shelf above them and painted it black. My first thought was that it would look somewhat like a stove hood, but it really doesn’t work because of the upper cabinets so it is more of a “faux” stove hood look. That is a little stretch, but I’m sticking with the theory behind it!

August 26 040

It has sort of a heavy look so I’m not sure if I like it or not. The other option would be to paint it white to match the stove. Here is a touched up photo – what do you think?

White Soffit Shelf

And a side-by-side

Side by Side

Looking at this makes me think that I should change it to white. Maybe I could spray the white over it and sand down to some of the black, giving it a little bit of an aged, multi-tone look?!

Okay, so I’m off to stand on a chair and take it down and paint!

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