Black and White Switched Shelf

So – I took the shelf down, spray painted it and put it back up. The shelf is made from pallet wood, so the boards are quite rough. The texture held the black paint adding additional shadows which I like! It still needed something though. It looked too aloof and didn’t tie into the microwave shelf so I decided to paint a black stencil border along the front.

upper shelf 003

Then I decided I needed to add the same border in the white to the microwave shelf.

upper shelf 004

Here it is all put together.

upper shelf 005

And the before and after…

White Shelf with stencil

I do think the shelves play nicer with the black and white stove now!

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One thought on “Black and White Switched Shelf

  1. wow – the stenciling on the black shelf is fantastic. really looks sharp. (It’s well done on the white one, but I’m not digging the white one, but that’s a matter of personal taste).

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