Tiny Crocheted Teddies

These teddies are of the stuffed variety in the bear family – that IS what you thought, isn’t it?!?!!?

Anyway – enough fun with the title of this post!

A few years back I found some online patterns for making really tiny crochet teddy bears. I am not sure where the recipes are, but when I found the pictures, I thought they would be fun to share!

This is the smallest one I made. I didn’t measure it, but according to the salt shaker, he is only a couple inches tall!


This little guy is made using a slightly larger thread and needle so he came out a little bit larger.


The last bear I made to fit in those little purses that we used to take to church. The sides fold up around the cradle and you tighten the strings and carry the purse by those strings. The bottom of the purse is strengthened by putting a small plastic container – like a sour cream container, inside the purse.


Along with the sailor outfit, blanket and pillow, I made the following outfits to go with the bear. This was then given to my 3 year old niece for her birthday.


You would think that the smaller items would take less time to make, but dealing with tiny stitches and tight areas is quite a challenge. I had fun, though I haven’t made any new ones since then! I  do have another niece who will turn 2 this year, maybe I should start working on another set!

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8 thoughts on “Tiny Crocheted Teddies

  1. I would lov e the pattern to these teddies and the little bag as I have nieces (and grandaughters) could you let me know if I can buy one. thank you aileen

    • Hi Aileen! I was looking the other day online to see if I could find patterns for these little teddies and I couldn’t find the original one I used – I think it was a freebie from somewhere! Anyway, you can purchase patterns online – just Google Edith Moline thread teddy bears. There are several places that sell her patterns. She has some really adorable ones! The pattern that I used for the purse/cradle was also found online as a freebie. If you do a search for crocheted cradle purse, or bassinet purse, you will find quite a few out there! I hope that helps.

  2. Oh how darling!! My daughter would absolutely love something like that, especially the ones that fit in the little “purse” for church. Too cute! Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday this week!
    P.S. Cracked up over your title! 🙂

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