Asymmetrical Shelf

Well, I finally got around to posting something new again! I wanted to show you guys how well this shelf I made awhile ago – like probably a year! – works with my “Lazy” TV. I made this shelf using the instructions from Ana White. It is call the 5 shelf. I did use a keyhole bit with the router to make slots to hang it from. And, of course I used some pallet wood – so it was free!

August 17 003

It fits perfectly above my mini pallet pantry and also feels like it was made to go above the TV!

August 17 036

I need someone to teach me how to arrange shelves, though. I am soooo not good at it and have rearranged, added, subtracted, flipped, flopped and stood on end all sorts of stuff trying to make it look “right”. I think I need to add some filler to the plain jar, but I’m not sure what. Anyone have any suggestions?!!??

August 17 037

Right now, it has some blue Ball jars and an old interesting shape and texture jar. I added the plate behind our vacation picture books and stuck a twine ball along the side.

August 17 033

I like the uneven lines of the shelf and it helps blend in the TV and look like it belongs along that side!

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6 thoughts on “Asymmetrical Shelf

  1. I love the glass elements you have on your shelves.

    Thanks so much for commenting on my rope balls You asked about what I used for the centers. The bigger ones I raided my husband stash of golf balls and for the smaller ones I used glass marbles. They are easy to make once you get the hang of it, I recommend staring with a nice fat rope to learn the knoy

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