An Illuminated Basket Case

Here are a few of the supplies I used to create my basket lights above my peninsula.

I got the baskets from GW for a dollar each. The chain, cup hooks and paint were things I had lying around.

July 19 014

I painted the white cup hooks.

July 19 017

I also painted the chain the same color.

I actually bought some larger battery-powered puck lights, 4 for $8. They give off sort of a blue light, but I wasn’t really going for ultra-functional because I have tons of light in the kitchen and the dining room. So for under $10 I had 3 “new” pendant lights.

July 19 019

I tested out this arrangement for a few days, then decided it wasn’t quite right. I cut the chains down so that each light was suspended from a single length of chain. It still didn’t flow with the room and during my next trip to GW, I found some wire baskets. At first I only spotted 2, but – after looking around some more, I found another one – SCORE, especially at $1 a piece!

I used some smaller chain I had around and used that to attach an S-hook so I could just hook the light up to the chain.

After attaching the chain and hook, I took them out to the closeline and, using the same paint as the chain, I painted the basket, chains and hook.

July 23 003

This picture was taken after the first basket – on the far left, was painted and the second basket was partially painted – from the overspray! Needless to say, it was really a little bit windy to be painting today.

July 24 005

I just attached the puck lights with some velcro strips. I haven’t decided if I want to paint the black portion the same color as the baskets, but for now – I like it!

July 24 001

July 24 006

Sorry – it is a little difficult to get a good picture of them. I like the more open look of the wire baskets vs. the solid baskets. I’m sure I can find a good use for the other baskets yet!

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7 thoughts on “An Illuminated Basket Case

  1. Those are pretty cool. I have been toying with an idea like that for awhile. Didn’t think of the puck lights, good idea.
    I’m hosting my first party next Wednesday, come by and check it out 🙂

    xoxo Bunny Jean

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