A little Plank “Ceiling”

So, this is a fix I am using right now to hide the holes and tie this area into the kitchen even though the upper cupboards are now gone.

june 30 001

I used pallet wood (once again, I know – but it’s FREE) to make a planked ceiling effect where the cabinets used to be. My husband helped me hang this beast – boy was it ever heavy! I used the trim that had been around the upper cabinets and tacked it around the planks. By making the planks the same size as the cupboards, I didn’t have to cut the trim and if I decide I really miss the cupboards I could put them back up! So – I’m just sort of playing it safe.

june 30 002

I have not decided if I want to paint it the ceiling white, stain it or paint it a darker brown or just coat it with poly. I hope to work something up with pendant-type lights – on a budget of course!

July 19 002

Finally – the whole open concept is a reality!

See the Saga of the Disappearing Walls Part 1, Part II, Part III

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One thought on “A little Plank “Ceiling”

  1. A Cute way to incorporate the space under the extended counter is to put two small shelves and use it to store your cookbooks.

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