Saga of the Disappearing Walls…Part 3

So the last wall – or, more like partial wall – well, just the upper cabinets – have been taken down!

When I was working in the kitchen before, this is the view that I had of the dining room.

June 25 012

And this was the view from the dining room looking in the kitchen.

June 25 009

This is the counter space that I use most frequently when working in the kitchen. Remember how I said that, even after 7 years of working in this kitchen, I would bump my head on the upper cabinets when working on cakes, kneading bread, etc.

Well, I don’t have that problem any more!

This is what it looked like after we took the cabinets down.

June 27 002

Much more open, don’t you think?!

Now what to do about the lovely holes – both in the soffit and the side of the cabinet? My husband was ready to hire someone to tear the whole soffit out along with the peninsula and replace it with a large island. But I think we would’ve had to replace all the cabinets because my corner lower cabinets have an angle cupboard at the end which would create problems. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t have been wonderful, but definitely not necessary and the timing is right either!

I convinced him that I am happy with this opening up of the space for the time being!

Stay tuned for the “cover-ups”!

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