Dry Brushed Frame and Upcycled Pitcher

I’m playing catch-up on a few projects since Mother’s Day and the graduation cake rush of the last month or so!

I removed the cupboard doors from the cabinets above the refrigerator in the kitchen. A couple reasons included not being able to reach them for storage and also to break up the expanse of wood!

I have been too chicken to paint the inside yet, but I did put a piece of cardboard covered with a  light contact paper in the back to lighten the area. I dry brushed the same teal paint that I have been accenting the kitchen with over a $1 mirror I picked up at GW a year or so ago to add some light. I also added a ceramic picture that used to be a pale shade of lavender but is now a shade of cream.

june 20 023

The pitcher was painted with Krylon Pebble spray paint and goes really well with the beans and rice I put in the glass canisters. The glass canisters also have that reflective quality so it helps lighten things also!

Sorry for the bad picture quality…

june 30 005

Overall – this gives the kitchen a little more interest and color and I haven’t missed the closed storage yet!

the Creative Collage

I’m linking to the following…

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4 thoughts on “Dry Brushed Frame and Upcycled Pitcher

  1. I like this idea. I have the same storage and end up putting things in there I never use (so why have?) and then putting things on top of the fridge to keep me from getting to that storage. If I made it presentable and attractive I wouldn’t block it.

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