Crate-style Picture Frame

Awhile back, my family decided to take advantage of a deal that a local photo studio had on old fashioned pictures. The kids were all dressed in vintage clothing and hats. They used a somewhat blurry background of the interior of an old house with a staircase and some really cool props. Things like crates and old suitcases. Right up my alley! I would’ve liked to take some of them home!

Anyway, when I got the pictures back, I wanted to find a unique way to display them. They didn’t really fit with my photo display in my dining room because of the more sepia tones of the photos. When I found an old prune crate at GW I bought it, not necessarily for this project but just because I like old crates and they are very versatile!

june 20 020

At first I thought I would just prop the pictures inside and hang it on the wall, but it just wasn’t right. There was too much dead space above the pictures and you couldn’t see them real well. So I took some twine – my friend! – and used thumb tacks to tack it along the back. I made two separate “lines” to hang the pictures from.

june 20 019

Then I used small binder clips to attach the pictures. I then removed the wires from the front of the binders so they wouldn’t get in the way of the photos.  Here you can see the binder wrapped around the twine with the front wire removed.

june 20 021

And this is what the final product turned out to be!

Old pictures

Right now, it is above my armoire against the “tree” wall! I like how the rustic “frame” goes well with the “old” style photos.

old photo 2

So – another fun use for old crates!

the Creative Collage

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