I have a thing for chalkboards. For the last couple years, I have been accumulating quite a few chalkboard items – all done with a small can of chalkboard paint. All of the public rooms in our house have at least one. Here is my chalkboard tour…

the entryway chalkboardprogram and chalkboards 032

The kids look at this one on their way out the door in the mornings.

the dining room chalkboardprogram and chalkboards 029

the living room chalkboard blocksprogram and chalkboards 031

the chalkboard door in the kitchenprogram and chalkboards 027

Right now – the door is being used for homework for the kids. The top “window” is my oldest’s spelling words, etc. and the bottom one is my youngest’s letters, etc. I use the chalk ink markers for the frames and anything I don’t want to wipe off with a  dry cloth weekly. The spelling words and dates are written with regular chalk and I can wipe them off without wiping off the white frames each week. It works great!

and last but not least!

the bathroom chalkboard signprogram and chalkboards 033

This was made using an old platter. I used black ribbon gathered to make a clean edge around the chalkboard.

Oh and I almost forgot – chalkboard labels!

home decor 042



I love the versatility of the chalkboards. Whenever I feel like making a change – I just wipe and rewrite or draw!

So – have I gone overboard?!!?!?!? I still have some paint left – so you never know what will get the chalkboard treatment next!

the Creative Collage

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2 thoughts on “Chalk{over}board?!?!?!

  1. You are so creative! I’m “chalking it up” thinking I need more boards around my house. Forgive me for being so slow about featuring your cute monkey cake and nephew. It’s been a wild morning around here! Thanks for sharing so many good ideas.

  2. YOU are the Chalkboard Queen!! I have ONE in my living room as part of an arrangement but now I’m wondering why I don’t have MORE of them everywhere like you! Thanks for sharing!

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