New Color Foundation for the Master Bedroom

Well, a couple weeks ago I finally got around to painting our master bedroom.

Actually, I finally finished the closet, so I “let” myself paint the bedroom! Please tell me that I am not the only one who has to “bribe” myself to get certain tasks done before the fun stuff happens?!?!?!?

The color before was 3 walls that were pale green and one wall a darker green. This was color coordinated with a wedding ring quilt that my mom made for our 1st anniversary.


006 (2)

I decided that I wanted to go with something more monochromatic – but it still needs to work with the blue carpet.

I found the following material that I am using for my inspiration.


The paint was matched to the slightly darker shadow inside the blue lines.

001 (3)

I had one of those – “Oh no” – moments when it first went on against the old wall color! I was thinking that it was maybe going to be too dark.

002 (2)

But once it was finished, I really liked it. I think it makes the dark trim look richer and it gives a very calm, restful feel to the space.



I am waiting until I finish the curtains, bedding and decorations before I do a complete reveal! You can see just a little bit of the blue carpet in the corner – so you know what I’m up against!

the Creative Collage

I’m linking to the following…

Domestically Speaking


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