Cute Teacher Cake Ideas

I have seen lots of ideas for teacher appreciation next week and thought I would add a few to the mix.

This was done for a teacher’s birthday and her students each got an “apple” cupcake, but you could easily make enough cupcakes for the entire staff!

Apple signature

This was done for a retiring teacher and his class, but again, easily changed to teacher appreciation. Kids probably don’t know what a chalkboard is now anymore though!!!

Chalkboard jo

Another idea including an apple!

Best Wishes book jo

On the subject of apples – a cake done for a half birthday…

half apple cake

Individual covered 5 oz. cups with M&M’s or some candy in the bottom to weight it with a cupcake topper.

Fall Roses Cupcake  flower cupcakes Mother's Day cupcakes

Or a small cupcake bouquet with a simple frosting swirl…

7 cupcake bouquet

This is simply 7-5 oz. plastic cups stapled together and covered with tissue paper.

Cupcakes are very versatile – you can go simple or elaborate, but everyone seems to love them!

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Completion of the Closet Curtain and Cornice

Wow – say that five times fast!

Well – I finally finished my master bedroom closet curtain. I had a few bumps along the way – like a fractured elbow!!! At least they think it was fractured – I’ll find out today for sure. Then the rehabilitation will start. You really don’t realize how much you do with your right hand until that arm is injured!

Anyway – I wanted to show you how I made a cornice type hanging box for the curtain itself. This is what it looks like hanging.

burlap 005

To allow for the rod to be taken down and put back again I made these blocks for each end of the wood box cornice.

First I drilled a center hole using a drill bit slightly larger than my rod.010 (3)

Then I used the band saw to cut out a slot up to the hole.011 (3)

This was then glued and tacked into the sides of the box.001

I made sure to place it so that I can slide the rod – a piece of $2 conduit – along the front of the box and over the top into the slot.

The box was then hung using L-brackets.

burlap 001

And this is my curtain!

closet curtain 004

Pulled back while using the closet. It slides really easily with the metal curtain hooks on the conduit pipe. And it is all hidden from view!

closet curtain 011

A close-up of the cornice. I painted the board the same color as the wall to help it blend. I wanted the curtain to stand out, not the box! I had to use flash this morning – very cloudy and rainy – blah, so the colors aren’t translating quite realistically. It all blends really nice and is much more easy on the eyes, rather than looking at all the clothes, etc. in the closet!

closet curtain 006

This was very cost efficient for me. I had all the scraps of wood – picked up from a lumberyard scrap pile for free! The 10’ conduit was $2 or less. The curtain hooks were around $2 a package – I used 2. I got most of the material from the .99 a yard bin and used about 6 yards for the curtains. So, for around $10 I have new closet curtains.

Yay – something to check off of my list of things to do!

I am hoping to use the same material, style for the 3 balloon shades – which is my next project in this room!

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I have a thing for chalkboards. For the last couple years, I have been accumulating quite a few chalkboard items – all done with a small can of chalkboard paint. All of the public rooms in our house have at least one. Here is my chalkboard tour…

the entryway chalkboardprogram and chalkboards 032

The kids look at this one on their way out the door in the mornings.

the dining room chalkboardprogram and chalkboards 029

the living room chalkboard blocksprogram and chalkboards 031

the chalkboard door in the kitchenprogram and chalkboards 027

Right now – the door is being used for homework for the kids. The top “window” is my oldest’s spelling words, etc. and the bottom one is my youngest’s letters, etc. I use the chalk ink markers for the frames and anything I don’t want to wipe off with a  dry cloth weekly. The spelling words and dates are written with regular chalk and I can wipe them off without wiping off the white frames each week. It works great!

and last but not least!

the bathroom chalkboard signprogram and chalkboards 033

This was made using an old platter. I used black ribbon gathered to make a clean edge around the chalkboard.

Oh and I almost forgot – chalkboard labels!

home decor 042



I love the versatility of the chalkboards. Whenever I feel like making a change – I just wipe and rewrite or draw!

So – have I gone overboard?!!?!?!? I still have some paint left – so you never know what will get the chalkboard treatment next!

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