Closet Finished and a Sneak Peek!

If you didn’t get a chance to look at how I redid my master bedroom closet from a dark-and-paneled-little-storage area to a bright-storage-filled spot, you can click here.

Well, I got around to adding the shelf above the center hanging rod – where I’m storing my purses – and …


above the shoe cubby, where we are storing his and her hats. The baskets holding the scarves and belts are resting on the shoe cubby. This summer – or at least when it gets above 60 degrees! – I hope to spray paint both the baskets and the shoe cubbies white to keep with the clean new look.


So – here is the final finished picture of the inside of the closet!


Did you notice the sneak peak???


Did you see it stacked in the top cubby?

This is the material that I can been accumulating over the last year or 2. I’ve got big plans for a bed skirt, a quilt/comforter, shades of some sort for the windows, and a bunch of pillows for the bed.


Newly painted walls and a curtain for the closet are in the works.

I can’t wait to see what the whole bedroom looks like all redone!

I’m linking to the following…


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