Short and Flirty Slipcover

Many moons ago we bought a couple of the following chairs.

slipcover family sign 005 slipcover family sign 006

I can’t really remember why we bought them, but I’m sure there is a really good explanation! I have that with a number of things we got when we first got married. I really don’t think I had any sense of style then! Oh well, hopefully I’ve grown and matured and it has improved!

Anyway, I have an old sewing machine table in the living room and wanted a chair to set next to it. But, I really wanted something a little prettier. So, I threw together a little flirty skirt and cover for her.

slipcover family sign 001

The ruffle.

slipcover family sign 003 slipcover family sign 004

I think it still needs something, maybe a tie around the top or maybe another ruffle along the bottom to make her a little more “decent”?!?!?! The material isn’t real heavy – so you even get a little peep show at what’s underneath!

I have been keeping an old pillow on her and that dresses her up some. I should make a matching bolster pillow in the ruffle fabric!

slipcover family sign 008

Amazing what a change a little fabric can do!

slipcover family sign 012 slipcover family sign 013

I’m linking to the following…





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