Painted murals for Preschool Room

Last summer, my mom, sister and sister-in-law volunteered to update the preschool room at our school. The walls are all concrete block so it was a little challenging to get a nice cover of paint with all the texture The room has a small loft which we added a tree to the corner of to make it look more like a tree house.  We added a fishbowl that looks like it is sitting on the shelf.


I’ll see if I get a chance to take closer up pictures of the tree and add them later. There is a bird sitting in the tree and a large knot hole at the center.


We added a rainbow with some clouds.


We found a card set in the room that had crayons doing different activities. We transferred the images and painted them along with a sign for the room.


We had a lot of fun and the kids were pretty awestruck! I think we may be “commissioned” to do some of the other rooms!

the Creative Collage

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2 thoughts on “Painted murals for Preschool Room

  1. Oh simply amazing….I must confess when I saw the cropped image of the fishbowl at the Friday Flaunt It meme hub, I was sure it was the ‘real thing’….amazing!!!

    My Flaunt It link: A Beautiful Girl

    Do stop by if you get a chance to visit. Happy Happy Rango Weekend.

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