Right around Christmas I was going on a scarf making kick. I really like to wear scarves and think that it is an easy way to “spice” up and change an outfit. I made scarves for the kids teachers and got really good feedback from that also. I didn’t take pictures of those but I still have quite a few that I wear!

I used all $1.50 a yard material and averaged 3 scarves from every 2 yards of fabric.

This scarf has 3 lines of ruffled stitching running through the center. This was just a pushing of the fabric under the needle as I went along.

This one only has 1 line of ruffled stitching running down the center.

This one is sewed on the bias which gives it it’s pointed ends.

This is an endless scarf with a twist.

This scarf is folded over and then ruffled twice close to the fold.

A double ruffle in the center of a single layer of fabric.

The bias scarf – a little longer. I like this length better than the orange one. The orange one is long enough for a headband or a tight neck tie.

Another endless scarf.

This is a scarf I crocheted with large roses and curls on the end. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to pull it off when wearing it. It is a little too bulky.

Can you tell I like scarves?! Hopefully, this has inspired you to make one of your own.

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12 thoughts on “Scarves

  1. Beautiful scarves! I do have a question though if you could answer it I’d really appreciate it. What do you do to the edges to keep from fraying? Thanks

  2. I have tried many times making ruffled scarfs using elastic thread, but I think maybe my fabric was too heavy to hold the ruffle. What kind of fabric did you use?

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  4. Pingback: Great Ideas -- Ruffles!!

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