Rustic Crate Storage

I haven’t been able to find any of the cool storage crates around my area, so – what to do?!?! After finding a crate made from pallet board on Ana White’s website – I knew I could make my own.

As you can see – the wood I found was VERY rustic! It is left over from the last people who lived on our farm. It has great character.

I added the SUGAR words – because I make and decorate cakes – so there is ALOT of sugar in my house and life!

I’m using it to store some magazines, papers right now, but it would work great for blankets and lots of other things. A very versatile piece!

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7 thoughts on “Rustic Crate Storage

  1. I want to make a bunch of these for storage in my studio. It needs a makeover and lots of stylish storage. Seeing what a good job you did impels me to get started…I have a ton of pallets available from my brothers roofing co. I hope it is not too much hassle getting them apart.

    • I found that the older pallets come apart harder than the ones that haven’t been sitting around as long. The only downfall to that is that they aren’t as weathered looking either. For the crates – you don’t have to worry about the nails because you just use a saw to cut off the 1x’s between the 2×4 braces. Hope that made sense! Have fun building!

  2. Excellent idea and you did a great job! Now I not only have crate envy, but I have making crates on my ever expanding craft project list. Love the way yours came out!

  3. Love your new (old) crate! It looks wonderful. Great job on the stenciling and choosing the word sugar is perfect!
    wondering how you got the handles in the sides? Do you have a tute on this posted somewhere?
    thanks for sharing @ccc and linking back!

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