Craft Room Organization Part 2

My Craft/Sewing room closet has been being used for the sewing machine for the past 4 years or so. I took off the doors and painted the dark paneling white. I wish I had a before and after picture to show – but that was before I started blogging. I was using plastic tubes set on end with the opening out to store my yarn, but it wasn’t working out real well! Because everything was stacked 10 layers deep, you can imagine what typically happened when a skein that was in the center was pulled out! YARN AVALANCHE!!

I added a curtain so that the closet has a “cleaner” look

and behind the curtain…

I happened to get some brand new boxes that someone was giving away. I taped the ends and cut them in half with a utility knife – making a great size box for yarn! I added a duct tape edge to the front of the 3rd box up on the right because they are smaller balls of yarn and wanted to roll. A sturdier option would be to add a cardboard edge – which may happen if I have problems. So far so good! I am also storing some batting up there.

So the craft/sewing room organization is coming along – slowly but surely. Of course I have been working on other things in between. With the table cleared and my one cupboard organized, things are much easier to find so I craft more!

Here is one final peek at the closet.

I’m linking to the following…
Organize and Decorate Everything HouseofHepworths


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