Knock Off Purse Organizer and Giant Cupcake!

Our school held an annual fundraiser on Friday night. Each school family is required to donate 2 items to be auctioned off. This is along with the list of businesses that each family contacts for donations. Usually there is A LOT of stuff. It is always hard to know what to bring. Some things you wouldn’t think would bring much go outrageously high and others, that are worth more, bring what they are worth and nothing more.

Each classroom also does a themed basket which is then auctioned off. Things like a camping basket, a Lego basket, Rainy Day craft basket, Board games, etc. etc. My oldest son’s class did a farming basket – very appropriate because we live in a farming community and we’re farmers! My husband and I made fence, an open shed and a feed bunk.

I usually try to make a shaped cake of some sort. This year – in honor of one of the teacher’s birthday, I made a large cupcake. It was 6” around and about 12” tall with the candle on top.


It did really well, and the teacher was very appreciative.

The other thing I made was a last minute addition after the T-ring I let over rise did a nosedive!

So, Friday afternoon, I started on a knock off version of the PortaPockets purse organizer. And because I had to get it done and I had so little time, LOTS of things went wrong!

My craft room looks like a tornado hit after all the rushing around, so looks like that will be one of the things on my list of things to do!

This is how it turned out – not too bad for just winging it at the last minute. If I had to do it again, I would probably change a few things, but all in all, acceptable.



I hope to make another one for myself and possible put it on the list of things to give as teacher gifts next Christmas. Of course, I will need to actually write down the steps so that I can duplicate it next year!

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Monkey Baby Shower

I just got home from a baby shower for my little nephew. He is a cutie pie and well-behaved to boot! His grandma put on the shower and went with the jungle/safari theme. We had banana punch, banana splits and banana cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese buttercream. I made the cupcakes and the little display cake – a monkey with bananas of course!

Isn’t he adorable?!!?!?!

019(I’m talking about my nephew, but the monkey turned out pretty cute too!)


The cake is  a 6″ round with a half ball pan on top. It is covered in a yellow buttercream and fondant bananas with a fondant monkey. Everything is edible except for the skewer holding the monkey in place.

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Paper Central Filing Crate

I have been trying to get the papers in our house more organized and under control as of late. I decided to make a crate-like box to hold folders for things like – Bills to Pay, Papers to File, Coupons, Receipts, and School Papers.

This is what I ended up with.

baker 001

It was made with all scrap wood and is pretty primitive. I found the Bakery image online and transferred and painted it on the front. I chose the word Bakery, because I make cakes and sell them as a side business and this box sits in my kitchen! I maybe should’ve tilted the image so that it would’ve been more recognizable – oh well, live and learn! I used some sandpaper to scuff and age the image.

The folders are regular yellow manila folders that I modpodged some wallpaper I had around. They do tend to curl a little after they were wet.


I hope to stain over it when I get a chance to darken and “age” the wood some more. That should also cover some of the tear out on the side of the box. I’ve learned that if I put painters tape and then mark my line, the circular saw doesn’t rip it out quite as bad. A band saw would’ve been better otherwise, but that is in an unheated shed so I didn’t venture out there! I am getting a bad case of cabin fever and can’t wait for spring. Anyone else?!?!?

The box has been serving it’s purpose. The pile that otherwise would be on my counter, now finds it’s way into the box – at least 90% of the time which is a big improvement! Sometimes, the littlest things can make a big impact. And this has definitely been working for me.

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