A Couple of Cork Board Creations

I have seen some really great cork board makeovers out there and wanted to try a few of my own!

Both of the cork boards were the standard store variety. Not real heavy duty, but they definitely serve a purpose as message boards, etc. at our house.

Here is a before of one of the cork boards…

For my son’s I printed out the numbers I wanted and did a pencil transfer directly on the cork. Then, using some leftover wall paint, I painted in between the numbers, leaving the numbers the original cork color. I really like how it turned out!

Unfortunately – or maybe just realistically, this is what it looks like most of the time!

Just keeping it real, folks! Oh well, he is using it so that is a good thing.

The next board I tackled is the one that is seen more often in my house. It is positioned by the door into the garage – the one that we use most of the time. It is also near the phone. Many important scraps and bits get tacked on this board. This summer I painted the frame white with spray paint. I also tried to do a black and white pattern using painters tape – It was a flop! I never did like it, but because we use it so much it has been hanging in my back entry hallway -where I can see it everyday, taunting me. Well, that has changed, and I am really happy with the result.

I used spray adhesive to attach some grasscloth-type material to the cork .I then finished off the inside edges with a ribbon that I had on hand – mitering the corners as I went. Then I used a glaze and glazed the frame to help tie into the ribbon. I used an old stencil I had and used a dry brush technique to stencil on the painted design with acrylic paint. I added cup hooks to the edges and a dowel tied to one of the hooks with a small piece of wire. I hope to paint both hooks and the dowel to a oil rubbed bronze this summer – it is WAAAAYYY to cold here to do any spray painting!

I sewed a small pouch – about 6″ wide by 7″ tall to slide on the dowel. The idea for the dowel and the pouch came from a Pottery Barn wall organizer found here. But at $199 I will make do with what I have!

Keeping it real again – this is what it looks like – in use – and I still really like it! I even hung a couple smaller local phone books that we usually end up digging for.

Once more – the finished (unused!!!) boards!

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20 thoughts on “A Couple of Cork Board Creations

  1. Lovely projects! I love the little pocket – nice touch. I hear you about spray paint – we’re at zero degrees this morning. I have a closet full of spring painting!

  2. You did such a great job on the number board…maybe you can print out a photo of it and display it on the board with all his other stuff, so you can see all your hard work!
    And I totally love the other one with the dowel and pocket!

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  4. That is so fantastic! I did a board similar to yours– but without the hanging rod and pocket…I am going to add this to my message center! It is just what I need to make it more functional. Thanks for showing this idea.

    …coming from FJI – SNS

  5. Love both the cork boards. The number one actually could be hung as just art as well. You did a great job with placing the numbers so there is a lot of visual interest; and while you can’t see your great work it’s great that your sons using the board. : )

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