Craft Room Organization Part 1

January is a good time to start fresh and so I wanted to work on organizing my craft room. I have been inspired by so many others who are doing the same!

Our house has 4 bedrooms so the 4th bedroom has become my craft/sewing room (a.k.a. dumping ground!!!)

It is the smallest bedroom at  9 1/2 feet wide by 12 feet long. It also houses my piano. Over the last couple years I have made changes to the room to make it more useful, and the layout has worked fine. Now I just need to get everything organized and hopefully do a little better job of decorating. Then maybe we can eliminate (or at least reduce) the amount of dumping that gets done there! (It really has NOTHING to do with my tendency to have multiple projects going at the same time! lol)

This will be a big project for me so I’m breaking it up and trying to celebrate the small victories! Hopefully, when it is all finished, I can give you a complete before and after. In the meantime, this is where I’m at as of today!

This is the before of the cupboard hanging above the piano…

This cupboard actually came out of the garage from our old house. I think we got it when my aunt remodeled her kitchen. I painted it white before I hung it here. It was a challenge to get it hung by myself, but I was bound and determined on that day that it would be hung so I made it work! Would I do that again? Probably not… My husband will gladly help me – I’m just really impatient. When I get something in my head, I want it done – like yesterday!!

As you can see, I still have my fall pumpkins tucked away on top of the piano. They went into a storage tub in the basement. You’ll have to excuse the wonky lamp. The plastic cover is broken and gets bumped alot for some reason! The blue crate is holding all of the piano books – plus the ones laying beside it on the piano! What a mess!!!

This is what the inside of the cupboard looked like a couple weeks ago. All sorts of whatnot everywhere all jumbled up!

Now – on to the improved version – thank goodness!

Ahhhh – so much better. I got rid of a lot of stuff and did a better job of containing what was left. I am going to work on getting some labels on all the boxes. The patterned boxes are actually from a cardboard “dresser” if you could even call that. It was sitting in a different area of the room, but got reused here.

The pink box is a lid off of a box and fits inside the other box/drawers perfectly, so I am storing my crochet hooks and yarn needs in the tray above the thread.

In the top left corner, I made a small cabinet type thing to hold more cardboard “drawers”. I got the idea from Christin at Pregnant with Power Tools. Only I used what I had – which is cardboard and some leftover wood from projects. I hope to make nicer labels for these also. For right now, I used dry erase marker that I can erase from the contact paper I have on the front.

The bottom left corner is now holding all the piano books that I kept – out of the blue crate. My son built this “shelf” for me last summer and I was really happy to put it to good use and make him feel pretty good also! The binder holds music that was printed off the internet. I also want to label that and the shelf. Hopefully the labels will help keep everything in place! I am hoping that crown molding and some trim are also in the future for this very useful cabinet. We’ll see how we do!?!

So one last time…



I have lots of work to do in this room, but hopefully, by blogging about it, it will hold me accountable and I’ll get it all accomplished.

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4 thoughts on “Craft Room Organization Part 1

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  2. Will you come to my house and do that?? I promise you a real challenge. There are 3 tall storage units full of things I’ve bought to sell on various sites and they need HELP! When something sells, I always have a struggle finding it to package and mail.


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