Painted Tree Mural and Chalkboard Blocks

I have one plain wall in my living room (well, I had one and 3/4, but we took the 3/4 out!) that does not have windows, etc.

Up until this summer, I had a large “checkerboard” on it. I taped off 2 foot squares and sponge painted a lighter color ( that is also in my dining room) in a checkerboard pattern. I got lots of compliments on it but it was there for 6 years and I was ready for something new!

After we took out the wall separating our dining and living rooms, I had to touchup and I also needed to change the wall because the measurements had changed and it would no longer look right!

So, I decided to paint a tree mural. I looked online at a lot of trees and found some really cool vinyl murals and stencils, but I didn’t want to spend the money to get any of those things – so I found a pattern I liked and free-handed it. It turned out nice and I am enjoying looking at something besides blocks!

I also updated my chalkboard blocks with a winter theme! These are just block from a 4×4 post cut to varied heights. There were actually used for my sisters wedding and we got as many as we wanted afterwards! There is a small hold in the top of each on where a tea light candle fits, but I just put the hold side down. There were plain for the wedding reception, so I painted them a light green and then just painted one face with chalkboard paint. They are a lot of fun to change!

I’m not sure that the snow theme works with the leaves on the trees in the background. Guess I wasn’t thinking of that!

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5 thoughts on “Painted Tree Mural and Chalkboard Blocks

  1. I think it looks great! The trees and the block! What a fun idea–can’t believe you free-handed those trees. Very impressive. I hope you can link up and share at my link party today!

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