A Heart and a BIG Kiss!

I haven’t done much decorating for Valentine’s Day but I thought I would highlight a couple Valentine theme cakes I have made in the past along with a few easy tips and instructions for making them so you can make them for your sweethearts!

The first cake was requested from a mom/grandma for her kids.

I do not have a heart shaped pan soooo – the easy way to make a heart cake is to take 1 square cake and the same measurement round cake to make the heart. For example – you will need 1 – 8″ square and 1 – 8″ round or you could use 1 – 6″ square and 1 – 6″ round or any size you want for the number of servings you need.

Set the square cake on point – so it looks like a diamond. Cut the round cake in half and place the halves on each side of the top 2 edges of the square.The picture is easier to understand!

Now you are ready to decorate your heart cake! I used pink and red buttercream to pipe the fantasy flowers. The red heart border was easily piped with a round tip. The pink swirls and hearts were quite labor-intensive free hand!

The other rather fun cake for Valentine’s Day that I have done in the past was a large Hershey’s Kiss cake. I used 2 6″ round layers and 1 half ball pan stacked. I then carved it down to a “kiss” shape. Frosted in chocolate frosting with a fondant white strip to emulate the paper tag. Crinkled up aluminum foil adds to the realism!

This is definitely a crowd pleaser and lots of fun to do!

So – have fun with your food and show some love on Valentine’s Day.

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Birthday Crib for Doll and a Surfing Penguin!

My one and only niece (at least right now!) celebrated her first birthday. I have boys so this is my first opportunity to make girly things as gifts!

Using the plan from Ana-White.com I made the doll crib. It was the first time I used the new pocket hole jig I got for Christmas – yeah! I used recycled materials – namely the shelving that came out of our bathroom closet before the remodel and some inexpensive furring strips for the crib sides.

I did not make the drawer for underneath – I ran out of time! (I was busy sanding, painting and sewing a couple days before the birthday party.) So, I sewed a skirt to cover underneath the bed instead of the drawer. I think my sister has a basket that will fit underneath and she can use that to store some doll clothes.

The skirt, sheet and ruffle are all attached as one. I’m hoping my niece won’t be able to pull it all out quite as quickly that way. I also made it as a pocket cover for the 1″ foam so that it can be taken off and washed when it needs it. I made the pillow to look like a regular “bed” pillow but it is oneĀ  piece and the case cannot be removed.

A lot of time was spent in making the crib but cost was very minimal because everything I used were things I had in the house – except the .99 cent furring strips. It was a lot of fun making and hopefully she will have many years of playing with it! It is very sturdy and it won’t hurt a bit if she decides to try it out for herself!

The theme for her party was a beach party – which is a nice break from the snow and cold we have here right now! My sister found a picture of a penguin sticker that she wanted used on the cake so I did a frozen buttercream transfer of the penguin. I made a small half beach ball cake for her smash cake.















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A Couple of Cork Board Creations

I have seen some really great cork board makeovers out there and wanted to try a few of my own!

Both of the cork boards were the standard store variety. Not real heavy duty, but they definitely serve a purpose as message boards, etc. at our house.

Here is a before of one of the cork boards…

For my son’s I printed out the numbers I wanted and did a pencil transfer directly on the cork. Then, using some leftover wall paint, I painted in between the numbers, leaving the numbers the original cork color. I really like how it turned out!

Unfortunately – or maybe just realistically, this is what it looks like most of the time!

Just keeping it real, folks! Oh well, he is using it so that is a good thing.

The next board I tackled is the one that is seen more often in my house. It is positioned by the door into the garage – the one that we use most of the time. It is also near the phone. Many important scraps and bits get tacked on this board. This summer I painted the frame white with spray paint. I also tried to do a black and white pattern using painters tape – It was a flop! I never did like it, but because we use it so much it has been hanging in my back entry hallway -where I can see it everyday, taunting me. Well, that has changed, and I am really happy with the result.

I used spray adhesive to attach some grasscloth-type material to the cork .I then finished off the inside edges with a ribbon that I had on hand – mitering the corners as I went. Then I used a glaze and glazed the frame to help tie into the ribbon. I used an old stencil I had and used a dry brush technique to stencil on the painted design with acrylic paint. I added cup hooks to the edges and a dowel tied to one of the hooks with a small piece of wire. I hope to paint both hooks and the dowel to a oil rubbed bronze this summer – it is WAAAAYYY to cold here to do any spray painting!

I sewed a small pouch – about 6″ wide by 7″ tall to slide on the dowel. The idea for the dowel and the pouch came from a Pottery Barn wall organizer found here. But at $199 I will make do with what I have!

Keeping it real again – this is what it looks like – in use – and I still really like it! I even hung a couple smaller local phone books that we usually end up digging for.

Once more – the finished (unused!!!) boards!

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